We’re HIRING a Maintenance Person for our Team!


***Please send a cover letter and resume to personnel@upaws.org***Open until we fill***

JOB TITLE Maintenance/Custodian
FLSA STATUS Non-Exempt / Hourly SALARY LEVEL $11.00 per hour
STATUS Part Time (20 hours per week)
REPORTS TO Executive Director

POSITION SUMMARY: The Maintenance/Custodian position is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and repair of the building, landscaping, grounds and equipment. Responsible for general custodial duties, including visual and bacterial cleanliness.

EDUCATIONAL AND QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: One (1) year experience working in a facility setting providing custodial and/or grounds keeping services preferred. High School
Diploma or GED equivalent. Must be able to carry out the essential duties, functions and responsibilities of the position. Must be able to interpret manufacturer’s instructions and drawings, construction plans and specifications and building codes. Skill in using cleaning tools such as buffers, vacuum cleaners and proper cleaning techniques. Basic communication and interpersonal skills in handling interactions with staff and visitors. Ability to read, write, understand, and follow written and verbal instructions. Ability to follow safety procedures to avoid creation of hazards and contamination of oneself, staff and visitors. Must be able to use a variety of cleaning agents and solutions to clean a variety of stains and bacteria. Ability to clean and make mechanical adjustments on machines and other uses of custodial supplies and cleaning equipment. Possess a valid Michigan driver’s license, and be deemed an acceptable risk by the insurance carrier.

ADDITIONAL PREFERRED SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of standard plumbing methods and techniques and skills to remove, clean, and reinstall. Knowledge of electrical fixtures, wiring, and control; such as light switches, circuit breakers, fuses, relays and outlets, how they are installed and how they operate. Knowledge of mechanical and electrical equipment utilized in the Shelter. Knowledge and understanding of facilities operations, HVAC systems, maintenance and repair of equipment, the functioning of building systems and their inter-relationships to provide comprehensive building environmental control. Practical knowledge of animal welfare program systems and practices.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following; other related duties may be assigned by the Executive

 Responsible for overall facility maintenance, including maintaining safe conditions and environment for employees, animals and public and ensuring the security of all animals and the entire shelter facility.

 Vacuum, sweep, mop, scrub, apply floor finish and polish floor surfaces throughout the
Shelter. Work is done by hand or with powered equipment, some of which require a training period. Keep inventory of cleaning materials and equipment and requests supplies when necessary.

 Empty waste baskets and trash containers from offices and regular trash containers from assigned areas throughout the facility. Take the refuse outside to dumpsters. Clean containers as necessary.

 Wash windows identified within the facility, dust blinds, wash walls, dust vents, replace light fixtures in all areas on a routine basis or when required. These duties require climbing and standing on ladders. Wash chairs and benches in reception area. Use mops, brushes, cloths and cleaning solutions in the performance of duties.

 Keep restrooms in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition by sweeping and scrubbing floors. Clean, disinfect, and deodorize lavatories, urinals, and toilet bowls. Clean mirrors, dispensers, vents, and water fountains. Dust ledges and woodwork. Replace deodorizers, toilet tissue, hand towels, and soaps.

 Responsible for facility maintenance; to include changing HVAC filters, cleaning drain traps, minor repairs, and other miscellaneous work requests. Assist in moving heavy items, such as furniture, exam tables, and cabinets.

 Assist with picking up and stocking supplies; to include inventorying and stocking supplies to ensure adequate quantities are available on a consistent basis. Responsible for dropping off recycling and miscellaneous errands, as requested. Identify supplies and materials needed on a quarterly basis for the Executive Director’s review and inclusion in the annual budget.

 Responsible for maintaining landscaping and ensuring proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and other ground features; to include snow blowing and removal, mowing and grounds clean up as needed.

 Plan for the use of equipment, materials, and tools on a daily or project-by-project basis, taking into account overall Shelter needs and input from the staff. Ensure supplies and materials are ordered and delivered to the Shelter so as not to create delays or shortages.

 Determine and change priorities, and work requests when necessary and make minor deviations in procedures to overcome problems such as equipment failure, material delays, or unplanned absences. Notify Executive Director when revisions to established priorities, personnel or other resources are required.

 Maintain custodial equipment by cleaning, oiling or adjusting machine to ensure maximum use. Report all necessary major repairs to the Executive Director. Maintain a process for preventive maintenance and adds new equipment to maintenance schedule as needed.

 Perform assigned tasks based on general methods, procedures, policies and goals established the Executive Director. Receive direction from the Executive Director through oral and written instruction, as well as work orders.

 Report all incidents, maintains necessary reports and records.

 Ensures compliance and adherence to all UPAWS policies and procedures and applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, including safety and permits; ensure strong risk management practices are in place to safeguard staff, animals, facilities and UPAWS reputation.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Working hours vary depending on scheduling of programs and often include evenings, weekends, and holidays in addition to daytime hours. Must be able to tolerate loud working conditions and strong odors. This position may be exposed to certain health risks that are inherent when working within an animal shelter facility. This position requires exposure to outside environment. When performing the duties of this job, the employee may be required to frequently stand, walk, sit, bend, twist, talk and hear. There may be prolonged periods of standing, walking, driving or riding in maintenance vehicles. The employee must be physically able to lift and/or move heavy objects, often up to 100 pounds.

EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS USED: Janitorial, safety, office, seasonal tools, UPAWS vehicle, cameras, animal handling gear, chemical disinfectants and cleaners, others as specified.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $11.00 /hour