We’re HIRING a Shelter Manager for our team!

Job Position Opening



  1. Compassion for all animals.
  2. Certified Veterinary Technician or minimum two year post secondary education.
  3. Animal and handling experience/skills.
  4. Office management experience/skills.
  5. Customer service and public relations skills.
  6. Tolerant of noise and odor.
  7. Certifiable and emotionally able to perform animal euthanasia by injection.
  8. Possess a valid Michigan driver’s license, and be deemed an acceptable risk by the insurance carrier.
  9. Available for on-call duty and emergencies (nights, weekends, holidays, as needed).
  10. Detail oriented.
  11. Physically able to lift heavy objects (in accordance with OSHA).
  12. Understanding and commitment to UPAWS’s Mission and Vision.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Competence in preparing and reading fecal samples
  2. Ability to draw blood safely and humanely
  3. Knowledge of common animal shelter cleaning procedures
  4. Knowledge of basic medical terminology
  5. Knowledge of general pet first aid and animal health assessments
  6. Knowledge of behavior modification training procedures
  7. Completed certification requirements and demonstrated emotional stability to humanely perform euthanasia.

Job Description:

The Shelter Manager’s direct responsibilities shall include:

  1. Use of independent judgment in all aspects of the care of animals and efficient operations of the animal shelter, including determining need for veterinary services, special needs of animals, grooming, maintenance of the shelter equipment, facilities and grounds, vehicle maintenance, etc.
  2. Hiring, performance management (including evaluations and disciplinary action), promoting or demoting, and termination of employees.
  3. Enforcement of UPAWS policies and procedures, making recommendations for changes to the Executive Director as needed.
  4. Scheduling employee hours, including on-call rotations with appropriate staff members, and maintaining employee files.
  5. Monitoring of the UPAWS operating budget and recommending adjustments as needed.
  6. Submitting of a monthly report to the Executive Director.
  7. Maintaining an appropriate level of inventory and authorizing purchases as needed.
  8. Ensuring the security of all animals and the entire shelter facility.
  9. Maintaining safe conditions and environment for employees, animals and public.
  10. Maintaining animal records and statistics.
  11. Maintain and update all social media and website in collaboration with Volunteer/Community Outreach Coordinator.
  12. Keeping the Executive Director apprised of any unusual or noteworthy activities or situations.
  13. Carrying out other duties as directed by the Executive Director.

The Shelter Manager shall oversee and/or, as necessary, be directly responsible for:

  1. The care of all sheltered animals.
  2. Training of personnel, volunteers, and community service workers.
  3. Admitting and adopting animals per UPAWS policies.
  4. Administering euthanasia by injection per UPAWS policies.
  5. Implementing the Spay Day Event.
  6. Maintaining lost and found files and appropriate advertising.
  7. The confidentiality of shelter records and information.
  8. Neglect/cruelty investigations.

Responsible to:  Executive Director

Working Conditions: Equipment and materials used:  Janitorial, safety, office, seasonal tools, medical supplies, UPAWS vehicle, cameras, animal handling gear, chemical disinfectants and cleaners, drugs/vaccines as directed by veterinarian, others as specified. May need to lift and handle animals.  Work indoors and outdoors.  Some weekend and evening work necessary.  Some travel within Marquette County.


***Closing date for submissions is Wednesday, June 19. Please send a cover letter and resume to ktossava@upaws.org.*** NOTE- FACEBOOK applications will not be accepted.

Job Type: Full-time