Hey there! Grizwald is adjusting very well. He is still a little bit shy but not to the point where he avoids people, he simply likes his own space. (reminds me of myself) the first few days after we got him he was staying confined to small, enclosed spaces like under my bed or in the back of the walk in closet. After a while though he decided to see what life had in store for him so he began venturing out into the house and seeing what his new home was all about. He is eating regularly and using his litter box like a champ. Him and our other cat Grizwald haven’t had any problems with each other, in fact one night they both got a little frisky off cat nip together. Grizwald is a great addition to the household and its only been a week. I’m excited for what is in store, he is quite the cool cat.

All the best, Ethan