Gotti aka Tilly

We adopted Gotti, now Tilly (aka: Tilly Goat, Silly Tilly, Circus Puppy, Tillamook) a few days before Christmas. We were a bit worried because we were traveling (with the dogs) for the holiday and didn’t want to cause too much turbulence in her already disrupted life. However it ended up being a blessing because we had almost 2 weeks off to help her adjust to her new pack and family. She took to us right away, like she knew we were her New People. She also quickly charmed our 9 year old pit bull, Sophie, and we often find her nestled into Sophie for warmth. 


️ It was a bit more work for her to woo our Pom/Chi, Lupa, but she was persistent and now we have been delighted to see them play, cuddle, and even groom each other! We tragically lost Lupa’s sister last winter, and Tilly has been the joyful, bright light that we’ve been missing. Our little Spark! She barks at any visitors she doesn’t know, but quickly warms up to new people and wants their cuddles.

Tilly never needed to be kenneled or kept separate, as she learned to be respectful to the other dogs quite quickly, and isn’t at all destructive indoors. We feel so lucky that we never have to leave our dogs for more than a few hours at a time, and that we have the time to take them on a daily hike. She can only go a few minutes before she starts to freeze, so we wrap her in a big blanket and pop her into a baby carrier for the majority of every hike. She loves watching the other dogs from her little perch.
She spends her days looking out windows, chasing warm sun beams, being crazy with her stuffy toys, and cuddling anyone who will let her. She spends her nights in our bed, snugged under the covers. She is the bossiest, most vocal, silliest, weirdest, most playful little dog and she makes us laugh many times a day. (She also viciously attacks our vacuum cleaner, which the other dogs find both incredibly brave and endlessly amusing! 🤣)  She will have a home with us for the rest of her days. 


️ Bree, Zack, Sophie, and Lupa