Elsa aka Shasta

Elsa, now known as “Shasta Luna,” is doing wonderfully. As we speak she is lounging in front of the wood stove snoring away. We just love her! She is a quick learner. It took about two weeks to help her learn how to go to the bathroom outside. She is a lover, sweet, and very playful. She loves to run like a wild woman when she is off leash in the yard, and she is fast! We are using a gentle leader to help her learn not to pull. But her nose tends to lead the way. We are working on training her to come when called, but it is still hit or miss.

When she had her vet appointments, they “guestimated” that she was 6 months old and a beagle/lab mix. No matter what she is, she’s ours J

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Shasta in our life.

We will be sure to stop by if we are all on that side of town.

Have a great day!

Jacquie Medina