Hi Everyone,

My name is Dusty-Dawn. I was adopted from MCHS 12 and 1/2 years ago, when I was only 6 weeks old. One chilly October day my brother and I were abandoned in a swamp in Forsyth Township. Lucky for us we were found and brought to the Humane Society Shelter – October nights can get pretty cold in this part of the world we were just little at the time. The swamp was pretty scary too – it was the first time we were away from our mom, and there were strange noises and leaves kept falling from the sky. (It was so scary I was afraid of leaves for a couple of years after that experience.) I was a very lucky puppy because I was quickly chosen from a shelter full of puppies. At that time people weren’t spaying and neutering so much so a lot of puppies never got homes at all. My new mom and dad already had an older dog named Artie who had some health problems. They told him it was his job to teach me how to become a good dog – they said he needed a project to work on to keep him thinking young – and that project was me! He must have done a good job because they keep telling me I am one of the best dogs they’ve ever had. These people even let me pick my own name – they called me a bunch of things and all I had to do was answer to the one I liked. That was pretty cool. I have a really big yard with lots of woods and squirrels and chippies to chase. A couple of times Artie showed me how to go through the woods to the neighbor’s house, but then my family put up a fence so I couldn’t do that anymore. Over the years there have been lots of car rides, long walks, toys, treats, Christmas presents (my favorite), hugs, brushings, and good people. Since I first came, Artie passed on (I missed him a lot), but I also got to pick out a new brother and two sisters who I got to train and have bossed around ever since (I might be getting old, but I’m still the top dog in THIS house). My life has been great!

I’m writing this letter because in dog years, I’m nearing 90 years old. While my brain and spirit are still young, I’m starting to slow down a little. My doctor says I have the beginning of cataracts – maybe that explains why long flights of stairs are looking a little scary – and my hearing isn’t as keen as it used to be. Also my joints are stiffening up and I like to sleep more than before. While I don’t plan on going anywhere soon, it may not be too long before I can’t see clearly enough to type this letter and because my paws are so big for the keyboard, I do have to look carefully before I plunk down my toes. (They really should make keyboards bigger for those of us who don’t have fingers.) Before that happens I wanted to thank all those responsible for giving me the chance to have the wonderful, fulfilling life I’ve had. Thank you to the kind people who found two puppies in the swamp all those years ago and took the time to rescue us and bring us to the humane society. Thank you to all the people who support the Marquette County Humane Society. If it hadn’t been for your support, there wouldn’t have been a warm and safe place for us to go. And thanks to Mom and Dad and all the other folks who turn to shelters to give me and the thousands of others like me a new “leash” on life. I’ve done my best to be a good dog at home and to help other animals find homes. I, along with the rest of my “Pack”, support MCHS and sponsor ads in the Action Shopper to help advertise other orphans.

I’m sorry if I’ve rambled on – I’m told that may be part of aging too. I just felt a need to share my story and express my appreciation to everyone who gave me this second chance at a wonderful life!

Dusty-Dawn Laituri

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”

–Sidney Jeanne Seward