Dulce aka Nariko

I have wanted to write to you for so long but never seemed to have the time.
Dulce has become Nariko or Nari for short. It is Japanese for female thunder child.  You should hear her and her sister Sarina run up and down the stairs
Nari has been a wonderful addition to our family.  After a month with us and gentle massages on her injured paw, she now walks and uses her back paw normally!  I was so excited I called Dr Brauer to give him the good news!
She has a very close relationship with her older sister Sarina.  They sleep and eat together.  Nari baths Sarina regularly and Sarina is learning to give back.
Nari loves to play fetch with her little fish and tosses her mice around with wild enthusiasm.  She carries her mouse upstairs to bed and I often wake up to it on my pillow
Thank you all at upaws for saving her for us.  I think I should add that she had been brought to Dr Brauer the same day I had my kitty Tiki put to sleep.  I found Nari on my Birthday even though I took 3 days to travel back and forth to play with her to be sure of her temprament. She had to fit in with a once feral cat who was morning the loss of her friend.
I love her to death!
I will try and enclose a few pictures of her if I can figure it out
Thanks again