We have been having a beautiful time with Delta. We now call her Dora. She adjusted very quickly, and both of our other cats have adjusted to her. There was pretty much no fighting. Only one of our cats got jealous, but Dora has smoothed that over and won everyone’s heart.
Our cat, Sniff, often sleeps with her for the usual afternoon nap. The cats have given her a proper welcome to the feeding area and she sticks to her place well, without aggression.
Dora is very sweet, and loves to sit in the big windows when she is not in someone’s lap or curled up with another cat. She plays easily and likes to do several daily rounds around the house. We often hear her calling from another room, and when we answer, she comes running and loves to be picked up and cuddled.
She learned our daily schedule within one week, and greets us verbally for each feeding and when we arrive home.
She is so lovely.
Thank you for saving her for us! We simply adore her!