Hello UPAWS!

I brought Daphne home last Sunday and she is such a sweetheart! At UPAWS, she was in the loose cat room and wasn’t a huge fan of the other cats. She was very stressed and was shedding up a storm (handfuls of fur!) and had some dandruff as well. Within the first hours of being home, she was completely comfortable and a very happy kitty! I brushed her consistently that day to help with her shedding and was surprised so much fur could come off of a shorthair cat! I think she purred for two days straight, and by the end of her third day with me, her shedding had stopped and dandruff was barely noticeable! Her previous owners noted that she was independent and didn’t play with toys much, so I was expecting a cat who kept to herself. She is very much a people-person cat! Daphne loves attention, following me from room to room. She likes sitting on laps and sleeping at the foot of the bed. She is also a very playful kitty once I start playing with her. Daphne has really blossomed into a lovable kitty now that she is in an environment without other animals. I’m so glad I brought this sweet girl home!