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Community Service Volunteer Information

Program Overview

UPAWS offers the opportunity for those with court-mandated community service (or fines to work off) to complete their hours at the shelter, subject to limitations and available tasks. We accept one court ordered volunteer at a time. Positions and tasks are separate from other volunteer positions listed on our website, and court ordered workers do not work directly handling animals.

We cannot accept volunteers convicted of cruelty to animals, domestic violence, sexual assault, assault, theft, retail fraud, violent crimes, or certain drug charges.

Duties: Our community service assignments primarily involve heavy duty cleaning, shoveling and raking outdoors, animal waste cleanup and building maintenance or hanging posters in the community.

Scheduling: Community Service assignments are two-hour work schedules but may vary depending on the task.. We cannot guarantee a work assignment.

 Dress Code: Clothing must be appropriate for working in a wet and dirty environment and should also be appropriate for working outdoors. Tennis shoes or boots are the preferred footwear. Must be close-toed – no sandals. Overly baggy pants, short shorts, dresses or skirts, tank tops, dangling jewelry, and hats are not allowed. (Hats for cold weather are allowed when outdoors) Electronic devices such as cell phones, Ipods, headphones, etc. are prohibited while working. Smoking is not allowed.

 Logging Hours: We will sign the documentation required for the court.

To apply for Court Mandated Community Service: Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email at: volunteer@upaws.org

For court ordered service: Provide the following information in the email and in writing:

  • Court documentation of offense
  • Number of hours to be completed
  • Deadline for completion
  • All Court-Ordered Community Service volunteers are required to abide by all policies of the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter. UPAWS has the right to dismiss a volunteer from service at any time. Volunteers who successfully complete their service hours will have their documentation signed or if need be, given a verification letter.

Housing requirement and government assistance community service:  Our non-court community service volunteering for housing requirements or to receive monetary assistance from the government consist of assignments primarily involving in-shelter chores, heavy duty cleaning, shoveling and raking outdoors, animal waste cleanup and building maintenance or hanging posters in the community and other such tasks.  We can not guarantee that we have hours per month each month for the requirement as the are limited to tasks needed. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@upaws.org for availability and more information.

Contact Us

Phone: (906) 475-6661
Fax: (906) 475-6669
Email: info@upaws.org

Office Hours

Mon-Wed: 12pm to 4pm
Thursday: 12pm to 6:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 12pm-4pm


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