Cheyenne aka Harper


Our sweet, fun, energetic and smart girl Harper (formerly Cheyenne) is adjusting wonderfully to her new home! She is doing an amazing job with potty training, I would say 99% trained since she is cleared of her UTI now and does great in her kennel! We had taken her back to the vet last week thinking she developed a hernia due to her spay, but turns out, when they did surgery again it was just a seroma and all they had to do was drain the fluid. I cant even begin to describe how much joy and love she has already brought to our family. We needed her as much as she needed us. The ONE problem we are trying to break her of is her nipping/biting peoples hands and ankles. When she plays, she gets carried away and will bite down really hard- break the skin, has made me bleed multiple times, and shakes her head back and forth. I have done lots of research online on how to train a puppy to realize that she needs to be gentle- since I understand she is teething and wants to nibble on things. We have a TON of toys for her, rubber, soft, rawhide and squeaky which she loves to play with but for some reason our hands are her favorite. We have tried to be stern and say no, take our hand away and quickly place a toy for her to play with instead but that has failed since she will just continue to go for the hands. If you have any suggestions I would be open to any and all! Other than that, she is happy and content in her new forever home!!
-Sending some pictures because she is way too cute not to!
Thank you,
Danielle and Jake