Cheddar aka Floyd Andrew

Hi everyone at UPAWS!

I just wanted to let you know how Cheddar was doing in his new home.
After talking to one of your ladies, she told me his name used to be Floyd. After about 45 minutes of calling him Cheddar with no response from him I called him Floyd, he turned so fast and started to purr. So I decided his name will be Floyd. My son and I also gave him a middle name as well. His full name is Floyd Andrew.
When he’s awake, he doesn’t leave my side.  He has his favorite spot in the house for naps, and has learned bed time. Where he  snuggles up to me in bed. We had to make some stairs for him go get there,  but in our house we do anything for our fur friends to make their lives easier. Floyd loves to snuggle with our dog, and my son. My daughter, I think is his favorite behind me, when ever she makes a sound hes right there.
He’s coming out of his shell more and more, doesn’t act like a old man until bed time, he acts like a kitten trying to cause a little bit of mischief here and there. When he gets caught he will look up at me with the biggest eyes and purr. He also likes to try to break into the pantry (where the cat and dog food is) to munch.  That’s where he gets caught the most.
I just want to say thank you for my amazing, handsome boy and helping me complete my home. He will forever be loved until the good lord calls him to the rainbow bridge.
Thank you again.