Boomer aka Frankie

Frankie (formerly Boomer) is doing wonderful! We absolutely love him and he has been such a joyful addition to our home.   Our experience was great and we have had so many people ask where we got Frankie from when they meet him–a lot of people are surprised because he is so well-behaved.  We even were able to take him to Pictured Rocks and he was a perfect boy around crowds, children, and other dogs!

When we adopted Frankie, we were warned that he may need some extra help with potty training, however, his neuter seemed to have taken care of that.  Frankie does great in his crate each night and loves to cuddle with us whenever he can.

We couldn’t have found a more perfect dog for us; we are so thankful to UPAWS for providing us with an opportunity to adopt Frankie. Keep up the fantastic work that all do!