We adopted Blue a year ago now and he has been a wonderful addition to our lives. He was originally a transfer from another shelter where he had been waiting for 6 months to find a home. He came to UPAWS and was adopted, but it didn’t work out and was returned, he was then continually over looked by adopters because of his behavior in his kennel, his ‘dog aggression’ and because of his large size. We took him in to foster him and he became a part of the family, so we kept him. Despite how he acted in his kennel at the shelter, Blue had a great disposition. Blue has been good with other dogs, great with the cats and a true companion to me. We really appreciate UPAWS taking Blue as a transfer and giving him a chance. The first month was bumpy, Blue had some issues with mouthing, jumping on people, dominating my other dog and pulling on his leash. But the essentials were there: he was loving, sweet, smart, listened well and was willing to learn. And each day he got better, We’ve had some things we’ve had to work through, but I’ve always felt that each ‘issue’ we’ve overcome has brought us closer together. I am thankful everyday that I stuck out that first month because now I have a wonderful wonderful dog, a friend for my other dog and cats and a true companion for me. Please consider adopting a shelter dog, and please learn from my experience, it may take some time to adjust to each other, but it’s worth it because you’ll have rescued a friend. Believe me, they know they’ve been rescue and given an opportunity they’ll show you their appreciation. I wake up everyone morning to a faceful of canine kisses and I come home everyday to a tail wag that’ll bring a smile to any face.

-L and K