Thank You for inquiring about our adoption of Bella, the 12 year old miniature pincher I had actually intended to contact you and thank you.
Our little Bella brought a beautiful light to our lives, I didn’t realize how much I needed her sweetness and the joyful, unconditional love of a dog until she came home with us. The first night with us, I had actually brought her to a meeting at church with me rather than leave her alone. She was adored by the attendees, going from lap to lap, but already knew I was “Mom.”
She ate well as soon as we got home the first night, and has just become part of our family.
I had expected her to have some period of confusion or adjustment, but from the first she seemed to know she was home .Although she occasionally has an accident on a rug, her behavior is marvelous. She is loving, a cuddler, and the best “cat,” (we had gone to the shelter for a cat and came home with a 12 year old dog,) that we could have had.

She has had her booster shot, and will have the mammary tumor removed next month.

We did wonder why the originally family of 12 years had to surrender her, do you know? I can’t imagine giving her up.

We thank you again.