Bella aka Winona

Bella is now over five months old. She has grown about two inches taller and now has all her adult dog teeth. House training is going well though there are still the occasional accidents. She loves being out in her big fenced-in yard and playing with our two other dogs (also UPAWS alums).  She has been to see Dr. Wilcox a couple times and they get along great. She is  a very active puppy and does all the usual puppy stuff.  The boys are teaching her manners and there has been a discussion or two. Being a hound, she talks, loudly. As I write this she is all stretched out and sleeping on me. In about an hour she will wake up rested and hungry. Then she will eat and off she’ll go for a couple hours of run, run, run, chew, chew, chew. Bella’s life is good. Thank you UPAWS for caring so much and saving her so that she could come here and be our Bella.

Frank and Mary Ellen Malette