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Barn Buddy Program

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Rodent Control Technician will do chores in exchange for room and board.

Adoption Fee only $10!

Sometimes UPAWS receives cats that, for various reasons, cannot live as indoor companion pets. These cats become part of our Barn Buddy Program and are in need of a home on a farm, horse stable, or other suitable outdoor location.
This program offers them a chance at a safe life that is best for them.

Candidates in our Barn Buddy Program include:

~ Friendly cats with unresolvable litter-box issues, making them unsuitable for house life
~ Friendly cats that have spent their life outdoors and can’t adapt to indoor life
~ Semi-social adults too shy and fearful of people who much prefer the company of other cats
~ Feral cats who must be relocated due to the unsafe nature of their original areas

We only ask the following:

~ The barn/building must be a protective, insulated enclosure which the cat can easily enter. The cat must have access to a heat source during winter months.
~ The cat should be contained in the barn 24 hours per day for the first week or two to become familiar with the surroundings and reduce the risk of running away
~ You must be willing to feed and water the cat each day; it should not be expected to fend for itself
~ You must be willing to bring him/her to the vet, if needed

We offer that you take two or more Barn Buddies because they provide each other with companionship and socialize together which is good for their mental health. Placing two or more cats together helps to ensure a successful transition. UPAWS has many more helpful hints to help these wonderful cats adjust to your barn environment.

Thank you for considering a new Barn Buddy and helping UPAWS save lives!

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