Bam Bam

We have taken to calling Bam Bam, Mittens, the children renamed her. She is adjusting well, she gets attention often, and aside from her taking over one of our couches, she is very well behaved and much loved. She does like to claw the couch a bit, and we are getting her to use an appropriate scratching post the NO NO spray helps (its a spray on to object thing) to deter scratching, and the catnip spray is helping her to like the post assignment. She spends time in her carpeted home, and the new sleeping bed is something she is adjusting to. We all love her, very likeable, have never met a cat that actually likes it to have her belly pet without scratching me. we still need to put her tags on to her collar, and would like to get her renamed officially, but no hurry. Thanks for checking in with us on her. Oh we cut her food to a third a cup twice daily, she still leaves a little in it, and she seems to get enough. We don’t want to have a pudgy cat, and she is getting some running in around the house, she seems to like it here. Our times in the morning and after work playing and petting her makes the day begin and end well.