Hi there, 
I just wanted to send a “Happy Tails” update on Balderdash! Since I adopted him last Labor Day weekend, he has become such a special dog. He loves walks and going on all kinds of adventures with me, but loves curling up next to me for a movie just as much. 

If you happen to recall, he was a bit overweight when I first adopted him. In the last few months, due to exercise and a diet adjustment, he is now down to a healthy weight but still gets to enjoy plenty of treats!

I work mostly remote for my job, so when I’m cooped up at home, he’s been great company. On the days I do visit the office, he comes with! All of my coworkers love him and he is a great fit as an office dog, always putting a smile on everyone’s face. 

I attached some pictures, as well as a before and after of his weight loss! Thanks for rescuing him and all the work you do for the animals in the Upper Peninsula!