B.C. and L.C.

We’ve had LC and BC since January, and they are doing wonderful!

They’ve been renamed to Grandpa (because he’s such a grumpy old man) and Wilford (because he resembles the actor Wilford Brimley).

They were both older cats (11 and 12 years), and Grandpa is FIV+, but his health is good so far. He was a stinker and got outside and got lost a few months ago, but happily he was returned to UPAWS until we could get him home again! His biggest worry these days is which bed to sleep the day away in. Oh, and to beg for food at the kitchen cupboard. He’s a persistent talker and won’t stop until you’ve given him a bite!

Wilford has put on too much weight and needs to go on a diet. Ooops! He’s huge! He’s adopted my daughter as his very own pet-human and rarely leaves her room. At any given moment, I can find him either on her bed or on her window sill.

We’re so happy to have these two darling boys, and to have been able to keep them together. They love each other so much! Thank you, UPAWS, for not giving up on the old and sick ones, who still can bring so much joy!