Greetings UPAWS staff!
Aurora is doing fantastic! In one week, she has developed a great love for snuggling with her mommy all day, taking car rides to go visit her “cousin”,(my cousins lovely white senior pitbull mix) and thinks that early morning love from my 4 year old nephew is the bees knees. In a matter of days, she has gone from having some potty accidents in the house, to having none after seeing how happy her mommy is when she does her business outside. As an added bonus, she got to meet her new daddy and sister early, as they came in from Texas to surprise us! To top it all off, my husband has decided not to renew his military contract, so this summer, she will get to be an official yooper dog, and let’s face it, there is nothing better than being a Yooper.
She is such an adored member of our family already, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to bring her into my home.  We are looking forward to our future adventures together, especially summer camping when she is feeling better.
Thank you again for helping bring this beautiful girl into my life.
Tara Willig and family