Athena, Debbie & Harold

My name is Anna Daavettila, and over the past year my partner Natalie and I have adopted three wonderful cats from UPAWS – Athena (previously Sophia), Debbie (funnily enough, also previously Sophia), and Harold (previously Fatzika). 

All three cats have adjusted beautifully to our home and to each other. Athena is definitely Natalie’s cat, and loves to nap with her snuggled up under the blankets. She does have a sassy side, though – when we get home from being out of town Nat definitely gets the cold shoulder!
Debbie is sweet as pie and cute as a button. While not the most graceful cat, she has a deep emotional intelligence and can always seem to tell when one of us needs love. She also has a hilarious habit of pressing her face up against your hand and purring with her mouth open.
Harold is unlike any other cat I’ve met in that he LOVES belly rubs. At the slightest provocation, he will flop over onto his side and just purr and purr while you rub his tum. He’s not best friends with the girls yet (he’s also older, at 9 to their 2 and 3), but remains cautiously polite. 

All three of these fur babies has brought us so much joy, comfort, and entertainment. Thank you, UPAWS, for everything that you do!

Anna Daavettila (and Natalie Miron)