Thank you for checking in!  Annabelle (we had to keep the name….it seemed perfect) is doing SO well.  She’s constantly playing and ALREADY CUDDLING with our other cat, Jack. She’s quite the character.  Very sweet and snuggly,  yet independent and incredibly curious.  Annabelle has a certain love for our 3 year old, which is perfect,  because he (mason) has a CRAZY love for her as well.  Our 4 year old is a bit more cautious, but we’re sure the exposure will only make her (maddy) more trust-worthy of animals in the long run (we’re convinced she was was an abandoned pet in a past life).  Above all,  Annabelle has been a blessing to this family.  Therapy for mom, reminder for dad (that allergies are treatable) and a life lesson for the kids that there’s always room for more love in your heart.  Thank you for all you do,  UPAWS, and your amazing staff. And thank you for matching us with our new family member.

The Havel family