Adoption Ambassador Foster Program

Why does a foster animal have to come back to the shelter to be adopted? It doesn’t! Adoption Ambassador’s help UPAWS pets stay out of the shelter and find homes!

UPAWS received a grant from the ASPCA totaling $2,000 to develop the program, which recruits ambassadors to help an animal find a new home by fostering, taking them out into the community, promoting them on social media and through networking as well as completing the adoption process.

Adoption Ambassadors will work alongside UPAWS to provide foster homes to a variety of our  animals as well as animals who have been in the shelter for extended periods of time.

How Adoption Ambassadors Works

  • Volunteers act as talent agents for their foster pets—including finding a match and completing the adoption, right up to handing over the leash or carrier
  • Animals are seen by a whole new pool of potential adopters
  • Fewer returns
  • Ultra-engaging & ultra-empowering for community, staff & volunteer

For more information about becoming an adoption ambassador or fostering a shelter pet, please contact UPAWS Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator, Ann Brownell at