My friend and I adopted Peanut in November 2018; he was very sweet, but you could tell that he’d had a hard life. He had terrible food anxiety and wasn’t much of a cuddler; he’d often find random and small places to hide. However, this quickly changed with some TLC, as he’d soon start to jump on the bed and sleep with us. 

Peanut was also the famous escapee from the Pine Ridge apartment fire in 2019; he had us worried like crazy but came back 5 pounds heavier, our own six-dinner Sid.

After that, Peanut absolutely blossomed into the most loving and sweet cat we have ever known, he’d always come and comfort us if either of us were upset or crying, and he started to sleep on the bed almost every night. He was also the silliest cat we had ever met, laying and sitting in the funniest poses and constantly getting into silly mischief. We started harness training him; he loved going on walks, especially eating grass.

Unfortunately, Peanut passed away very recently due to heart failure, just before our four-year anniversary, but he was the most loving and sweet cat in the world, and we will never stop loving him. Thank you, UPAWS, for bringing this sweet boy into our lives and allowing us to be his forever home.