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I Need to Surrender a Pet

Please contact UPAWS directly by phone (906-475-6661) to discuss your need to surrender your pet. Our staff will have a variety of questions to ask to see if we can help you keep your pet or if there may be an alternative to your pet coming to UPAWS. Shelters are often stressful for an animal, so if an alternative can be reached it is a win-win! If a decision is reached to surrender your pet, please be aware that we ask for an appointment to be scheduled.

Some things to consider:

Use our Home 2 Home Placement program: This program allows you to keep your pet in your home until adoption. We will advertise your pet at the shelter, on our website (viewed by many local adopters daily!) and Facebook page and help you find a great match for your pet. This program is great because it helps you find your pet a home, it allows you to be involved in the placement of your pet, and your pet stays out of the shelter environment. This program is very successful and many pets are adopted quickly. Click here to learn more!

Are you surrendering your pet for behavioral issues? UPAWS can help! Our staff has lots of experience with animal behavior and we can guide you towards helping your pet be better behaved and fit into your home. We also have contacts with local dog trainers and can connect you with a professional that can help.

Are you surrendering your cat because of potty issues? Cats develop potty issues for specific reasons. Most often they have a urinary tract infection and the behavior can be changed with some simple medical treatments. Other times the issue stems from changes in the household, litter box placement or stress. Please talk to UPAWS staff or your veterinarian about how you can help your kitty.

Are you surrendering your pet because you are moving? Check out our Pet Friendly Housing resource page!

Are you surrendering your pet because you cannot afford the care? Please connect with UPAWS staff about our Food Pantry program, Community Spay and Neuter program and other resources.

The UPAWS Staff and Volunteers are here to help. We would love to assist you in finding a solution to either keep your beloved pet or avoid surrendering your pet to UPAWS. Please call anytime. If we are unable to answer the phone, please leave a message. We will call you back as soon as possible.

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